OS update for Blackberry 9930 and 9850

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OS update for Blackberry 9930 and 9850

Blackberry Bold 9930 and Blackberry Touch 9850 have been upgraded with the Software version 7.1 of the operating system. This makes the smartphones feature-rich along with providing a rich functionality to users. Our article describes in detail the functionality of the Blackberry Bold 9930 & the Blackberry Touch 9850.

Mobile manufacturers like Nokia and BlackBerry are quite noted for providing after sales support. This is one of the major reasons why people tend to prefer some companies over the other.

BlackBerry has recently come up with a firm ware update for Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930 model and their BlackBerry Touch 9850 model. It has been some time since this update has been rumoured and now finally this update has been confirmed and it is here.

One very notable feature in this new update is that it provides mobile hotspot functionality. What this feature does is that it lets your mobile phone be used as a Wi-Fi hot spot for other devices. The mobile hotspot makes use of your data plan. Wi-Fi radio must be turned on in order for mobile hotspot to work. Also tethering has to be enabled in the user account. By using this feature you can very well make use of the high speed modem in your phone to get very high data speeds.

The newest update brings there software version to 7.1. The new firm ware is packed with lots of improved and interesting features. Owners might have began seeing pop ups in their mobile phones prompting them to do the update. If it is so then the user can do the update in two ways. Either by downloading the content directly via phones internet or by downloading the update to a pc or laptop and then connecting the phone by a USB data cable to do the update.

If by any chance no notification has come asking for you to do the update then you can download the update directly from RIM’s website by using the BlackBerry desktop software. The file is available as .exe file and is executable in windows operating system only. Mac users have to still wait for an over the air update. It will come pretty soon though. There are no breath taking changes in this new update but still, the fact that it packs in mobile hotspot itself is more than enough for many users to do it.

As for the time being this update is only available for the two mobile devices. But by the beginning of next year more and more BlackBerry devices may also get this update.

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