Paperphone Smartphone To Blow Your Mind!

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Paperphone Smartphone To Blow Your Mind!
Technology has come out with the latest gadget and one wouldn"t be surprised to see that it now resembles a piece of paper! It is easy to carry around and there are no worry about it being dropped too as it is made out of fine light material which looks stunning indeed.

This smartphone which is termed as being the paperphone of the century, has the ability to store music and other features just like any other smartphone. Then paperphone which was developed at the Arizona State University, research now claims to say that this paperphone is super thin, light and bendable too! The flexible iphone will indeed be a true delight once it hits the market soon. This latest gadget, the paperphone, uses an electronic link to display its content and instead of using glass, this touch screen paperphone uses a high tech plastic material!

Using this paperphone is going to be fun as it doesn"t need the touch of your finger to open applications. Bending the phone to navigate and dog earing the right top corner to scroll forward is how this paperphone will be accessed.

As per reports, the smartphone is said to be starting from a range of $7000 to $10,000.

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