Philips X9320 Coming Soon

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Philips X9320 Coming Soon
Chinese have always been very good in inventing awesome technology. Chinese mobile handsets have always been kind of a threat to many brand handsets, because they always offer handsets with great specifications that rival those handsets with similar specifications, as the Chinese handsets are also pretty much available at low prices. A Chinese giant organisation named Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications is now targeting India and is, reportedly, preparing to launch an array of Smartphones in India.

This is not just any other company. Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications took over Philips' mobile phone business a few years back. As per the reports, they are going to bring in the Smartphones here branding them as Philips. This company, with such a reputation, will sure not decide to invest this much in India unless they know exactly what they are doing and exactly what range of their products are likely to become a huge success in India. News reports about China's smartphone businesses in India created a lot of hype.

According to itproportal news reports, the Shenzhen Sang Fei's branded-Philips handset trump card is X9320

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