Planning to Buy Sony Xperia Z2 at Launch? Beware of Hardware Problems

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Sony, on a very general comparison with the likes of Samsung and Apple, isn't really far away in terms of business and popularity in the market.

However, there are several issues that the company faces with every offering of its Xperia handsets. And if you are in the mood to invest on a Xperia Z2 on launch, know that the device also isn't free from problems of its own.

Planning to Buy Sony Xperia Z2 at Launch? Beware of Hardware Problems

The Sony Xperia Z2 was launched in Singapore last week. However, it seems like since the availability fo the device, some of the users have complained about a couple of issues that have affected their handsets. And the first of those involves a small gap that's placed between the front panel of the handset and its aluminium frame.

With these gaps between the edge of the phone's glass face and the metal frame, there are rising concerns that the handset's waterproofing may have been compromised.

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And although this isn't really the first time that issues like this have the Xperia models, but if more emphasis is put on the frequency of reports related to the new issue, it could easily be a more widespread problem with the Z2.

"Typically it is most noticeable in the top right section, almost as if the glass has not been aligned properly," states an Xperia Blog report. The new issue has also appeared to be more noticeable for those having a white handset, and hence there has already been a large number of photos of a white Xperia Z2 showcasing the problem.

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"Owners have been worried about whether these gaps causes any problems with the water resistance of the handset."

The other issue is related to the overheating of the device when recording 4K video, which can sometimes lead the camera application to force close itself.

Sony, as of now, is investigating both issues and there are major hopes that these problems will be removed ahead of a much broader launch of the device.

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