Polytron Unveils Transparent Smartphone Display Prototype: Is It On Cards For MWC 2013?

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A smartphone with a transparent screen always seamed like a thing of the future, but judging by recent developments, this future might not be that far. Taiwan-based Polytron Technologies are apparently already experimenting with a glass like samrtphone with a multi-touch display.The prtotype device called Switchable glass is a conductive OLED display (organic light-emitting diode) makes use of liquid crystal molecules, that emit light in response to electric current. When the device is switched off the molecules take the form of a white cloudy like substance, which transforms the device to appear like glass.

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Polytron Unveils Transparent Smartphone Display Prototype

However, not all parts of the device will be transparent. As the image above shows the SD card and SIM card slots, microphone, camera and batteries are still visible. Perhaps, they will be Camouflaged behind some sort of a concealing layer. What's important is this smartphone will feature a dual-sided multitouch display, which will be ground breaking in terms of UI design.

Although the new concept has come to the light, it still is in preliminary stages and will probably be a while, before we will get to see this device fully functional. There are reports suggesting that Polytron is already in talks with major smartphone makers, to make this device a reality. Could it be that we will see a sneak peak of this device in Mobile World Congress 2013? Quite possible, guess we will have to wait and see.

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