Preview Of Motorola Admiral

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Preview Of Motorola Admiral
Motorola is a well reputed company that has pioneered in the area of Consumer electronic products. They have established themselves as a serious competitor as far as other competitors in the market are concerned. And Motorola is known for releasing high quality products at a surprisingly lower price. The latest product to be launched by Motorola includes the launch of Motorola Admiral XT603. The product comes with a lot of features included in it. The smartphone is expected to be released on the month of December this year.

Motorola Admiral XT603 comes with the most popular android 2.3 operating system. The processor used in it is none other than the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655T. The looks are very attractive with a 3.1 inch screen display with a display resolution of 480*640 pixels. A 3.5 mm audio jack is also provided for better connectivity of the enhancements. It supports CDMA 800 as well as CDMA 1900 cellular networks.

Motorola Admiral XT603 CDMA comes with multi touch screen features that are very user friendly in nature with easy navigations. Vibrating Alert as well as the presence of Speakerphones is also supported. It is comprised of an inbuilt QWERTY type keyboard. It also supports Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity. It is also enhanced by a microSD card which acts as an expandable memory there by increasing the memory storage capacity. The smartphone also consists of USB 2.0ports which enhances the transfer of files through the USB connection. The smartphone also is supported by 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN connectivity.

Motorola Admiral XT603 also makes use of the GPS navigation system which enables easier navigation for the users. The handset also comes with an inbuilt digital camera that provides superior picture quality. The camera comes with a 5 Mega pixel resolution with functions that includes auto focus as well as optical zoom. It also comes with an integrated mobile light which makes use of the LED technology. The smartphones also comes with an integrated accelerometer. Motorola Admiral also is comprised of an efficient removable chargeable lithium ion battery that is capable of providing power of about 1860 mAh.

The price in India of Motorola Admiral XT603 is expected to be around Rs.24, 000 and is expected to make greater sales in the booming smartphone market. Given the cutting edge features and the warranty being provided by Motorola and its reputation as a brand name in the smartphone as well as mobile phone industry, the product seems to be more worth than its price in India. The product seems to be more worth than its price.

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