Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 And 815 Specifications Spotted Online

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Qualcomm has stolen the spotlight for itself for quite some time now as we can see every smartphone, tablet has a snapdragon processor in it. It is not only remarkably effective and fast but reliable too. As we see every CPU is getting blazingly faster by modern technology, a chipset which will be able to support such features will make your smartphone work at the blink of an eye.

But Qualcomm's snapdragon 810 processor is still not completely out of the woods yet as it faced some technical issues like debunking and overheating which made it doubtful for mass production as every tech giant is expecting qualcomm to handle the situation and get its production started once again. Behind the scene of Qualcomm's problematic chipset MediaTek chipsets are increasing their shares and having a better outcome too.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 And 815 Specifications Spotted Online

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The company appears to have remained undaunted in its bright future, i.e if today's leak is to be believed. A strange but interestion photo was highlighted where the future lineup of Qualcomms processors were shown. This image was posted by Qualcomm exactly a hour after MediaTek had planned a roadmap of its chipstes.

First we have the Snapdragon 616. It should have the same eight Cortex A53 cores, evidently clocked a little higher, between 1.8 GHz and 2.2 GHz. Besides that the GPU has been bumped up to an Adreno 408 and the modem now supports Cat.6 LTE speeds.

Next we look at the Snapdragon 620. It is said to be based on Qualcomm's own architecture, dubbed as "Taipan" and is listed as having four cores. It should also have an Adreno 418 GPU, DDR3 RAM and Cat.10 LTE support.

The Snapdragon 625 and 629 will be octa-core chips, with the same modem and GPU. They will, use upgraded LPDDR4 1600 RAM with dual-channel memory support and will be based on 20nm HKMG technology.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 And 815 Specifications Spotted Online

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The Snapdragon 815 is listed as an octa-core beast with eight processor cores in a chipset. It will also feature an improved Cat.10 MDM9X55 LTE modem and an Adreno 450 GPU. LPDDR4 is also present and the chip will again be based on a 20nm technology.

The all-mighty Snapdragon 820 is a powerhouse and like nothing else in a mobile device. Comming to the specifications list, it is being powered by eight TS2 cores. Big.Little architecture hasn't been mentioned though, which directly just means that all eight cores will function simultaneously. RAM support and LTE are the same as the 815 model, but the GPU is a whopping Adreno 53. The line of chipsets will be based on the new 14nm FinFET manufacturing process, which has already been licensed to GlobalFoundries.

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