Redesigned Headphones for Apple iPhone 5 Captured [Video]

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Redesigned Headphones for Apple iPhone 5 Captured [Video]

As September 12, the release date of iPhone 5 by the Cupertino based company is drawing closer, there are a lot of rumors and image leaks of the same. Now, there is a different news about the upcoming iPhone, as its redesigned headphones have been captured on video.

A Vietnamese website, has posted the images and hands on video of newly redesigned earphones for Apple devices. The earphones currently available in the market were released back in 2008. It came the ability to change the volume of the device by using a control built into the wire. The new ones appear much more advanced and smaller in design. The new earbuds are supposedly being manufactured in a Vietnamese factory and will be packaged with the upcoming iPhone 5.

First look

The new earbuds are shaped in the form of horse heads instead of the typical earbud designs. There are no parts that are likely to come apart upon continuous use. They are much smaller in size and do not hurt when worn for longer time which was an issue with the previously released ear buds. The new ear phones follow a much more integrated design, a trademark feature of Apple products. The old earphones have a surface that looks detachable whereas the new one sports a smaller surface with no detachable element to it. The old earphones were manufactured in China with some of them made in Vietnam. However the new earphones are completely manufactured in Phax Co factory in Vietnam. “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in Vietnam” is imprinted on the wires that confirm that the units are completely manufactured in Vietnam.

The new earphones are expected to be announced along with the announcement of iPhone 5. Sources claim that this will happen somewhere around the mid-part of September. There are also rumors which claim that Apple will be offering audio improvement announcements possibly an upgrade to its Airplay feature for Bluetooth speakers.

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