Reviewed: ZTE Chorus Smartphone

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Reviewed: ZTE Chorus Smartphone

ZTE Corporation which was formed in 1985 is one of the world’s leading suppliers of telecommunications devices and network solutions. ZTE has a very good product range covering almost all telecommunication sectors. The company is recognized all over the world for providing highly reliable and outstanding products.

ZTE Chorus is basically an android phone that has integrated support for Cricket’s Muve Music service. The device has dimensions of 111 x 57 x14.8 mm which gives a comparatively compact phone. The device weighs in at about 105 grams. The phone is covered in a plastic casing which gives it a bold look. The one problem the user will have to face is that the plastic cover attracts dust and fingerprints. So each time you are using the phone your finger print will be on it and you will have to wipe it very occasionally if you intend to give your phone a clean, spotless look. The cover is very shiny and has small metal details designed into the back cover and that makes the phone look very stylish.

The phone has a resistive touch screen. This may seem a little awkward since the world has moved on from resistive touch screens to capacitive ones and AMOLED displays. The QVGA resistive colour display has a size of 3.2 inches. The screen resolution is 240 x 400 pixels. A 2.0 mega pixel camera acts as the devices imaging device. The camera can also record videos. The 3.5 mm headphone jack provided ensures that you can use other standard ear phones with the device and play hours of streaming music using the phones music player. ZTE Chorus has 256 MB of RAM and has an option to increase the storage memory by adding a memory card. MicroSD (TransFlash) type memory cards up to 32 GB are supported by the device.

The ZTE Chorus runs on android platform. The android version is not yet made clear. The chorus is actually marketed as a feature phone rather than a smart phone so the operating system version does not matter much. The phone features a highly efficient android based HTML web browser. This is a good thing since most of the other feature phones contain web browsers which are not up to the mark. The lack of android market means that you cannot use the large line up of android applications designed for android phones.

The most notable and interesting feature in the phone is that it integrates Muve Music. Move is an unlimited mobile music provider which offers music at a very cheap rate. The Muve Music can be listened via standard wired headphones or Bluetooth music devices. Irrespective of the device used the music quality will be good. Using Muve you can download huge number of music tracks anywhere and whenever you want. You can find the songs you want by searching by album or artist all in all Cricket’s Muve Music is a very good and fantastic idea that can be a boon to a very large number of people.

There is no information on which processor the device is running on but the reviewers found the phone to be sufficiently fast. The price of the device is yet to be released in India.

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