Samsung's Android KitKat Update Getting Rid of Benchmark Booster Codes

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A long, long time ago when Samsung released the previous Galaxy S4 smartphone, the device, although being identical to many other flagships in the range, came out on top in the benchmark results. However, it was later revealed that the company managed to get the upper hand in the benchmark results by punching in some extra code that made the device look good on the tests.

And while most people, since then, have forgotten about the apparent (let's say) shenanigans on Samsung's part, the codes still existed that made any benchmark test run of the device highly questionable. Not that it lied to users about the power of the device, but it pushed the hardware capabilities of the device to an extent it shouldn't be pushed.

Samsung's Android KitKat Update Getting Rid of Benchmark Booster Codes

However, new reports are now claiming that the South Korean technology heavyweight has removed this extra code from the new Android 4.4 KitKat updates that are currently being pushed out for the company's Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 handsets. The new update not only removes the concerned benchmark boosting code, but also allows the devices to be naturally benchmarked.

And while we still don't have official confirmation about this change, developers, alongside a number of other benchmark services, are claiming that the updates don't include any such issues and is free of tampering.

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Thankfully, Ars Technica put the theory into motion by checking it out themselves. The guys there reported that after applying the KitKat update, "none of the apps behave any differently from any other application. Most of the time, the CPU cores are running at lower frequencies, and individual cores are often turned off."

"While running the tests, the CPUs approach their maximum clock speeds but are allowed to fluctuate as they would under actual use rather than staying artificially inflated," the report added.

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Now it remains to be seen if the same is true for everyone owning either of these handsets in any part of the world after receiving the updates.

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