Samsung Champ Megacam In India

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Samsung Champ Megacam In India
During these days when touchscreen handsets rule the mobile handset market globally, people are trying to get their hands on one without spending much money on it. So, a number of companies realising the profitability of such a situation came out with affordable touchscreen handsets. But soon people came to realise that, other than handsets from popular handsets, all the handsets lack quality although most of them have impressive specifications. Now Samsung offers a touchscreen handset which is quite affordable and obviously great quality.

Samsung's new affordable touchscreen is named Samsung Champ Megacam aka Samsung GT-C3303i. The specifications of the Samsung Champ Megacam are also pretty impressive, of which the catchiest is its awesome multi touchscreen display. The display is 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Although the overall looks and the display of the phone are good, the phone lacks good cameras and handset cameras are one of Samsung's specialty. The Samsung GT-C3303i is equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel camera but offers good quality compared to most 1.3 MP cameras in other handsets. The camera features Night mode and is also multi short supportive. It supports shots like Mosaic shot, Timer shot, and Frame shot as well.

One of the important factors which make this handset pretty comfortable to use is its unique user interface. It uses a TouchWiz Lite 2.0 UI. Samsung Champ Megacam is also integrated with social networking apps enabling you to access the seven most popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. This GSM handset supports GPRS and comes with a nice WAP browser. Coming with 30 MB internal memory and supporting microSD memory cards, Samsung Champ Megacam can support a maximum extended memory of 8 GB.

One of the coolest features in this phone is that it's WiFi compatible besides another cool spec of v2.1 Bluetooth. It supports WiFi network of 802.11 b/g/n. Samsung GT-C3303i has Mobile Tracker feature enabled in it which is a reliable anti theft measure. This handset has an integrated internal antenna enabling noise reduced FM with recording feature. The Media player in this handset is commendable as its music players feature 3D sound technology enhancing the audio quality and volume besides the good loudspeakers. Weighing about 90 grams, Megacam gets its juice from a 1000 mAh Lithium ion battery. This efficient battery gives the phone up to 12 hours of talktime and allows about 666 hours in standby mode as well.

Samsung Champ Megacam can be yours for a remarkably low price in India of about Rs 3,400/-.

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