Samsung Could Equip All its Future Wearables with Fingerprint Sensors, Says Reports

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Unless you have been away from anything dealing with the current tech advances in the smart devices sector in recent times, you will already be knowing about the kind of advances that have been made in the wearable section in the market. And while the advances keep gaining new heights, it seems like more news related to that is out from Samsung's camp.

According to a recent report quoting Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics, wearable devices with inbuilt fingerprint sensors will hit the market next year. And apparently, most of that initiative will be from the Korean tech giant Samsung in this regard.

Samsung Could Equip All its Future Wearables with Fingerprint Sensors

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Bergman recently told the press in Taipei that the fingerprint scanning technology could become available on wearable devices sometime next year. And going by what he says, a fingerprint ID sensor on a small curved display isn't much of a challenge.

"While Rick Bergman hasn't revealed any specific plans or wearables that might adopt fingerprint scanning technology, what we do know is that Synaptics' only client for fingerprint scanners, at this point in time, is none other than Samsung Electronics," G4Games states.

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"As such, our guesses are that, if Synaptics will provide fingerprint scanners for wearables, chances are that Samsung will have something to do with it."

Apart from that, the company's CEO also revealed that Synaptics is also currently working on unveiling its first area-type fingerprint scanner. The scanner is currently set to go live in the second half of 2014.

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And while everything here is to be taken with a pinch of salt, the new report could also indicate that the massively rumored Galaxy Note 4 "could take advantage of an area-based scanner, as opposed to a swipe module."

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