Samsung Could Introduce Squeeze, Stretch-Ready Controls For Futuristic Flexible Displays

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The whole basic idea of flexible displays is not anything new, going by the fact that we have already been seeing instances and leaks of such devices on the web in the last few years. Now it seems like there's more to follow up on flexible screens with Samsung now linked to the technology. Again.

As suggested via new reports, according to a latest patent from the company published by the US Patent & Trademark Office, Samsung is looking into a certain kind of technology that will see the company introduce squeeze and stretch-ready controls for the flexible displays it plans to bring in the future.

Samsung Could Introduce Stretch-Ready Controls For Futuristic Displays

Samsung , according to a Patent Bolt report, says that in order to meet user needs for newer technologies with various functions, "efforts are continuously made to develop newer types of electronic apparatuses," and that the "'next-generation display' has been introduced according to these efforts."

As an example for the same, "a flexible apparatus has been introduced as a type of next-generation display. A flexible apparatus is a type of electronic apparatus which a user can change a shape of like one could with a paper sheet."


Moreover, the technology's squashing motion is also said to represent audio control or changing a TV channel "depending on how you set the squashing options for the device," similar to a smartphone.

Apparently, the degree of squeezing the material will determine how fast the user will scroll, change a TV channel or even lower or raise the audio of a connected device.


Also, according to Samsung, the flexible apparatus may be implemented in a host of portable apparatuses such as a mobile phone including a smartphone, a portable media player (PMP), a personal digital assistant (PDA), a tablet PC, or even a global positioning system (GPS) apparatus.

The flexible apparatus is also said to be planned to be implemented as a stationary apparatus such as a monitor, a TV, or a kiosk, a tablet or a billboard.

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