Samsung Galaxy Alpha Available in India: Top 5 Tips and Tricks To Keep in Mind

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To be perfectly honest, Samsung's newest Galaxy Alpha handset looks absolutely gorgeus. Riding on its impressive metallic body, the Galaxy Alpha, we are sure, has made into many wishlists.

2014 has been a grand year for Samsung in terms of releases and major announcements. And while its biggest highlight remain with the releases of Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Alpha is no less a worthy name in that list of greats.

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However, for the time being, we aren't talking about the specs of the handset. Moreover, we are sure you already have checked it out from somewhere else. What we are more concerned about is its hidden features.

Hence here are the 5 interesting tips and tricks you need to keep in mind.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha In Pictures

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Ultra Power Saving Mode

Saving your battery as much as possible should be your primary concern. And if you ever feel that your phone is draining away more battery juice than expected, hit the ultra power saving mode. Of course, switching from 3G to 2G works, but for more active results, go to Settings -- Power Saving -- Ultra Power Saving.

Fingerprint Security Lock

In case you didn't know, one of the selling points of the new Galaxy Alpha has been its fingerprint lock tech. Although personally I believe in the classic "put a pin number" method, there's no point why you should make use of this standout feature. Just go to the fingerprint scanner menu in the options and run your finger across the sensor 8 times. Once you arte done, you will be able to unlock your phone only by using your unique fingerprint.

Private Mode

This affects you if you are the showy types and like to share your phone with your friends. There's a thing called Private Mode inside the handset. Private mode allows users to restrict access to certain files, folders, and apps on their device, while making them only accessible via a predetermined password. In a nutshell, something like the 'App Locker' app, minus the extra app. Go to settings -- private mode and do as directed.

Camera Modes

There are few different modes in every Samsung smartphone camera everyone should make use of. And the Samsung Galaxy Alpha isn't any different. For example, there's the HDR mode that should always remain on when outside. There are also features such as Image Stabilization, Voice Control and Selective Autofocus to make use of.

Download Booster

Did you know that your Galaxy Alpha can combine your Wi-Fi and LTE networks together for super fast downloads? Well, this is done via the 'download booster'. To find it, head over to the quick-menu by dragging down from the top of the screen. However, it might fidget around with your phone's data plan, so be careful.

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