Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible TecTiles 2 NFC Stickers: Now Interact With Your Phone Creatively

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Samsung on Friday announced the availability of Galaxy S4 compatible TecTiles. Because of the incompatibility between Samsung S4 with original TecTiles (and other NFC tags) Samsung had to come with a new TecTiles for Samsung S4. Thus the device now is set to use a newer NFC chip that is not written on the same standard.

Reportedly, according to Samsung, the TecTiles 2 NFC tags are perfectly compatible with Galaxy S4 and are now available for $14.99 in a pack for five at official Samsung website. The tags will also be available at other stores next month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible TecTiles 2 NFC Stickers now available

Dubbed TecTiles 2, the programmable stickers are actually designed to be fully operable with all NFC-enabled handsets from Samsung, including the Galaxy S4.

TecTiles 2 feature an app for Samsung smartphones that allows users to create custom NFC-based functions. It was also said that being compatible with NFC chips that support MIFARE technology, Samsung's new TecTiles 2 can be programed to do a lot of actions on the Galaxy S4 such as: Changing Phones settings, Switch phone profiles, Launch an app, Show a message, Play a track and Make a call.

Samsung has also revealed the compatibility between TacTiles 2 and Galaxy S3 as well as other NFC compatible smartphones from the company.

Reportedly the difference between the previous version and the new TecTiles 2 isn't clear as of now, but starting today it will be available at a pack of five for $14.99 (Rs. 822). The Samsung TecTile Android app is also available for free at Google Play.

How it Works?

TecTile stickers have a small NFC receiver that sends a signal to your smartphone. This signal then triggers an action on your phone such as opening an app, adjusting phone settings, or updating a status on Facebook or Google+.

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