Samsung Galaxy III to run on Exynos 4412 processor

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Samsung Galaxy III to run on Exynos 4412 processor

The Motorola XT615 has been launched with latest technology, functionality incorporation. This is a touch-screen smartphone that runs on the android gingerbread platform. There are features that qualify this smartphone as an internet phone. Modern browsers also give the phone the above qualification.

Multimedia applications are also high in numer here as the users are assured of an enriching multimedia experience. The Motorola XT615 is light-weight, thus the users can carry the phone easily. There are twin cameras as well that make the users' multimedia experience an enriching one. Apart from these, there are a host of other features that place the Motorola XT615 in a different league altogether.

Reports are emerging that Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone could be launched with Samsung’s new Exynos 4412 processor. It boasts pretty impressive specs - the 32nm Exynos is a quad-core processor with speeds rising up to 1.5GHz thanks to the use of ARM Cortex-A9 cores. The processor currently appears to be in the testing process. If launched, it would make the Samsung Galaxy S III a giant leap from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones.

Samsung Galaxy S III is also likely to feature Mali-TS04 graphics processor (GPU) that is expected to run around 5 times faster than the earlier graphic processors from Mali. Although first launched in 2010 by ARM, the Mali-TSO4 with its unique tri-pipe architecture is still a new thing.

The launch of the Galaxy S III is expected to be made in February 2012 at the MWC show at Barcelona. Presently, most Samsung Galaxy S II models are powered by Exynos 4210 which is a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Samsung did announce the launch of the Exynos 4212 1.5 GHz which is still dual-core technology, and won’t be a considerable improvement over the 4210 and won’t match the hype generated by the anticipation of the Galaxy S III launch.

Being tightlipped while the rumors keep circulating is how most companies handle their launches. With the Samsung Galaxy S III sure to be launched it’s the technology behind the processor that has been the talk of the town. Exynos 4412 was once announced as a dual-core processor, but some sleuthing later by the tech journals and websites revealed that it could be a quad core design.

Exynos 4212 has significantly improved over the current 4210 that powers Samsung Galaxy S II models in key areas though, such as increased 3D graphics performance by over 50% and lower power level by 30%. Nevertheless it could prove to be a not so groundbreaking improvement, which is why rumors claim Samsung will be equipping its new Galaxy S III with the quad-core Exynos 4412.

This move by Samsung could put it in direct competition to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. These are exciting times for technology lovers. Being one of the most popular names, any Galaxy S announcement is sure to get the excitement levels soaring. It all hangs on the processor specs. With many predicting a quad-core is sure to get into the new Samsung Galaxy S III, it doesn’t seem that Samsung would disappoint by powering its smartphone with another dual-core processor

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