Samsung Galaxy nexus will miss the popular Swype keyboard

Posted By: Rahul

Samsung Galaxy nexus will miss the popular Swype keyboard

Swype was an interesting and friendly android application that became popular in a very short period of time. But irrespective of its advantages the new Ice-cream sandwich android version won’t have a Swype keyboard. This is very disappointing news for, to be owners of Galaxy Nexus since it comes with this new android version. Irony is that Swype was first made available commercially on a Samsung phone. The same company is launching next generation smart phone without Swype.

The main problem why this is not present is that the Ice-cream sandwich handles screen resolution very differently. The new operating system completely overhauls the way the system handles operations and applications. This makes many present applications incompatible with it. This is what happened to Swype also.

Swype enabled users to input texts faster than from conventional keyboard. The software can be used in touch sensitive phones that have an onscreen QWERTY keyboard. It allows the user to input letters and words by just sliding the finger or stylus over the letters in the required order. The program uses language models and error correcting algorithms to guess the user intended word. The intelligent program can let users have an input speed of about 50 words per minute which is very well above what you can achieve from a traditional touch screen interface. Swype is available in various regional languages too.

The reason for the wide acceptance of Swype is that it is very easy to use and also is very much accurate. It is actually better than most of the predictive text input methods in many mobile phones. So those who are used to it will find some difficulty reverting back to the old method.

The makers behind Swype said that they are working for a solution to make Swype compatible with the new changes. So a new and improved version of the same can be expected in the near future itself. Till now Swype has come with several smart phones and has not faced a major issue like this. So the developers would definitely take this as a challenge and make it more versatile.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was recently launched in many parts of the world including US. This will be the first mobile phone to feature android ice-cream sandwich operating system. The new android users will have to cope up with using the conventional android keyboard in the mobile phone for the time being.

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