Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera review in Pictures

Samsung has stayed at the front all this while with the release of some brand new notable products, primarily in the smartphone and phablet sector. Not only has the company released the new Galaxy S5 handset, it has also released a new phablet in the form of Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

Keeping the discussion confined to the Note 4 for the time being, the new phablet from the South Korean giant not only adds to the long line of Galaxy Note phablets but has also created quite the stir among all its fans.


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We have been playing around with a unit of the handset all this while, and have already gathered a few camera samples via the same. Note that all these samples were amassed during GizBot's coverage of the Samsung Developers Conference that's currently live at San Francisco.

Check the sliders below for a more detailed view.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In Pictures

Here's an image of the Hilton that was shot with the Note 4. As you can see, the light has been captured brilliantly with better color reproduction than most.

This one was shot with not much light on offer. With the surroundings being lit up on an otherwise cloudy day, it seems like the camera captured the light well and took in everything that fitted the lens.

Color Quality at Close Up

Here's a little ducky swimming happily. The shot hasn't been taken that close as you think. In fact, the zooming in on the handset is quite commendable since it leaves out any granular corners.

Here's another shot of the seagulls hanging out together. With very little light on offer, here's how the phablet camera reacted when exposed to it. Needless to say, the improved camera of the Note 4 didn't falter.

Here' another one of those that was aimed at the sky. With a subject at our disposal, not only did the camera captured a perfectly blue winter sky, but it also portrayed the airplane in its full form. The contrasts are brilliant here.

This one was shot when the sun was about to retire for the day. In the dying light, it seems the Note 4's camera still managed to capture the shots with as much clarity as possible. You could understand that by how well the background was caught.

The Note 4's camera can do some intense things, and here's an example of that. Here's a image that was also treated to true light capture.

If you have colors at your disposal in the background, leave the Galaxy Note 4 to sort out everything else. Here we see another example of how well the morning shots tend to come out via the handset.

Another shot of the Hilton with the morning sun shining down. As you may see, the natural light brilliantly compliments the subject and the end result is something breathtaking.

Even with the littlest light on offer, the Galaxy Note 4's camera is still able to capture the subject perfectly. While you may not be able understand the full capability of it, we are sure the experience is different once you upload it onto a bigger screen.

This one is shot with all the natural colors from the tree at its disposal. While the camera is anyway complimented by the morning light, it also manages to use that light and focus on the color of the leaves.

Here's another of those that seems like a nearby shot when in reality it was taken from quite the distance. The zooming in capability of the camera on the subject doesn't mean the subject will be all pixelated.

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