Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Few Hours Away: Here's One Final Look at the Concepts [PHOTOS]

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Finally, everything will be revealed. For so long a host of websites across the planet have spoken about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, although nothing had been made final. Later, there was a teaser with the Samsung UNPACKED event on the horizon that created enough stir to indicate something big indeed is coming this way.

But before all is said and done, we have to say that all the traction the new handset has created has been majorly via all the concept images that were revealed for the upcoming phablet. And we haven't been disappointed either with what we saw.

We are here taking one last look at the newest and best concept images for the Galaxy Note 4 before the final product is ready to be unveiled to the world. Let's take a closer look.

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Here's the supposed retail handset box for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This fan concept image of the Note 4 shows off its super thin form factor with zero to no bezels

Another Note 4 concept that shows off an entirely new design for the phablet. The phabletty-ness seems to be missing, though

Again, more or less the same kind of design factor for the handset, although this time with a sort of metallic finish

This render of the handset actually seems much more trustworthy with the smartphone display also showing off a new layout for notifications

Another concept here that shows off the ulta thin bezels for the new phablet offering

This design is actually the best one among all the others in the list. It also shows off the ultra thinness of the handset

Here's a concept that actually goes the distance to state that the new handset will come with a 5.7-inch qHD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC quad core with 3GB of RAM

This one is basically a leak and shows off the handset with a physical Home Button

We can't quite make out from this one if its a flap cover for the handset or the handset itself. But it's a Note 4, alright

And yet another similar leak with a similar form factor

Similar to the last one, this concept also shows off the handset with a similar kind of flap cover

The Note 4 concept in this one takes cue from the the recently released Galaxy S5. At least the rear looks same

Barring all other concepts, this one takes the slim factor to a whole new level

This render shows off a film-like design for the handset with ultra thin structure

We actually mistook this render with an upgraded version of Nexus 5. But here's a look

Again, we're back to phase one with this render yet again showing off the thinness of the handset

Here's a look at the proposed in-device primary shooter for the upcoming Note 4

Another look at the device, from the upper side this time. You can see front facing camera and the 3.5mm input here

This beautiful render of the Note 4 offers a sleek design, both in terms of physical factor and interface.

And here's where you could also check out Samsung's upcoming UNPACKED event's live stream to find out about the Note 4 first-hand.

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