Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model Number List Spotted Via Online Leak

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Samsung has been rumored time and again, as far as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is concerned. And this time, yet again, the device has been spotted online with its supposed model number.

The South Korean mobile phone maker is currently expected to make official a new offering in the popular Galaxy Note series of phones. And now the full list of model numbers that this smartphone will sport has appeared online in a leak.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model Number List Spotted Via Online Leak

The aforementioned model number list, made available courtesy of @evleaks, has confirmed that the smartphone will be released in the United States on the networks of major carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint (SPR), and T-Mobile (TMB).

Moreover, it also shows that users in the country might receive only the 32GB variant of the mobile phone, as Samsung won't be launching the 16GB model in the country.

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"The newly-leaked list not only confirms that, but it also shows that previous speculation on various iterations of the device destined for specific carriers will pan out. Overall, 22 different Galaxy Note 4 models are expected to arrive on the market," Softpedia writes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model Number List Spotted Via Online Leak

"For example, we can see the SM-N910A model for AT&T in the US, along with SM-N910F, which might be the international variant of the handset, and other flavors of the phone, destined for different carriers in various markets out there."

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While nothing is known about the phone as of now, the device is expected to feature a 16-megapixel camera on the back, capable of recording videos in 4K resolution, alongside an upgraded front camera for making video calls.

The latest version of Android should also be included on the handset, along with the device arriving with 3GB of RAM.

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