Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Now Live: 5 Striking Things You Should Know

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Samsung's climb to the top has been quite noteworthy. In terms of the native market, not only has the company seen great popularity from fans, it has also boasted numbers to back up that popularity.

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Fast forward into 2014, the company has already done it big with the release of two of the biggest handsets of the year. One being the new Samsung Galaxy S5, while the other the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (not to mention the brand new Note Edge).

While all others keep telling you about the specs and features, there a few things about the new phone that are needed to be cleared out once and for all. Hence, here the 5 things you need to know about the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In Pictures

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The S Pen Remains as Powerful as Ever

Compared to the previously released Note 3, nothing drastic or dramatic has arrived for the same for the new handset. But with the new handset, the S Pen has been improved physically and is much easier to hold. However, the biggest changes have arrived in terms of the software. There are design refreshes and other improvements for all of the apps it launches into.

Battery Boost in 30 Minutes

The Note 4 has an advantage. Not only does it have Samsung's own Adaptive Fast Charging capabilities, but it has also been backed by Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology, making it possible to charge up the handset quickly via a compatible wall charger. Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging is great if you are looking to fill up a massive battery for the day ahead.

It Actually Has a Removable Back

There has been some confusion regarding the new Note since some believe that the handset's metal build doesn't allow the user to open the back of the phone. Well, on the contrary, the back plate is still plastic and can be removed. Inside it, you will find the micro SIM slot, slot for MicroSD card and removable battery. The phone is expandable upto 128GB.

It is, Indeed, Made of Metal

Leave aside everything else and any other premonitions you might have on this one, but the new Galaxy Note 4 is indeed made of metal. To be more precise, it's made out of aluminum and magnesium. Not only it gives the phone a more rigid and improved look, but also seem to offer the fact that Samsung are done with plastic builds (a huge relief).

Heart Rate Monitor and Finger Sensor

If you remember the Heart Rate Monitor and Finger Sensor for the previously released Samsung Galaxy S5, know that the new Note 4 also offers the same features. In fact, they are at the same places and the same parts that we saw in the Galaxy S5. So don't go expecting better capabilites than the S5. It's the same thing, on a whole.

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