Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Too Complicated For You? Here are 10 Things to Get You Started

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Samsung holds the major share of credit for introducing the phablet range of handsets into the market. Since the days of its GT-N7000-based Samsung Galaxy Note, the company has looked to evolve that segment, with more and more new smartphone makers taking a liking to that segment. Most recently, Apple.

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The phablet business is still one of the most profitable sectors in the smartphone and smart device business. Apart from Samsung, we have even seen the likes of Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note entering the mix. However, our concern remains with the new Galaxy Note 4.

Now chances are that you have already invested on a brand new Note 4 and using the device. If you are new to the entire Android and Samsung business, things might seem a bit out of the blue. And if that's so, here are 10 things that will help you get started with the phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In Pictures

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One Handed Operation is Easy

In case you didn't know, there are a lot of features inside the Note 4 that allows you effective one-handed operation via the phone. All these features can be found in settings and the one-handed operations menu. For instance, there's the "Reduce screen size" feature that lets you shrink the screen to the right corner. Also, the "One-handed input" lets you adjust the size of the dialpad.

Use the Side Key Panel

As we mentioned before, one handed opertions are in the phone since it can become too big a deal for most. And while the one handed operations are anyway a treat, you can make it even bigger with the side key panel also at your disposal. You will find 'Side Key Panel' option at the place of the One Handed Opertion. On activating it, you will find four main hardkeys appearing at the side of the main screen. You can even customize the side keys.

Easy Mode

If the Note 4 and its interface ever seem complicated to you, you can always make use of the Easy Mode. Enabling it offers you a simple menu layout with bigger icons. Easy Mode has been tucked away in the settings.

Check Out the Heart Rate Monitor

If you remember the Heart Rate Monitor and Finger Sensor for the previously released Samsung Galaxy S5, know that the new Note 4 also offers the same features. In fact, they are at the same places and the same parts that we saw in the Galaxy S5. Hence you can always make use of it on your phone.

Car Mode

There's a built-in Car Mode that comes with the new Note 4. The basic purpose of this is to enable safety while you are driving and accessing your phone without the need of touching it. You can find the Car Mode in the quick settings panel. Tap Car mode and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the setup.

Customize Message Display

Did you know that you could color up or change the look and feel of your message app chat box in the Note 4? Well, it's quite easy. Go to Message -- Message Settings -- Display and select the bubble style you prefer for your overall customization. The changes should appear almost instantly.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

The Ultra Power Saving Mode feature allows you to use even the last bit of juice left on your phone for the most essential situations. Once activated, it makes the display render a grey color and even turns off networking. You can enable it by heading over to Settings -- Power saving -- Ultra power saving mode and tapping the "Ultra power saving mode switch".

Set S Pen Alert

The S Pen on the phablet is capable of sounding an alarm when you move away from the phablet without putting the S Pen at its right place. Just head over to the home screen, tap the Menu Key, go to Settings -- Device -- S Pen and enable the 'S Pen Alerts.'

Plethora of Camera Modes

Once you open the camera app, you will be amazed by the option to choose more and more new camera modes Samsung put up as optional download. You can check them out by opening the Camera app, going over to Modes, and swiping until you reach Download.

Customizing Notification Panel

You can customize the Quick settings directly from the Settings panel. You can even drag the panel down from the top, tap the Quick settings icon, and then tap the pencil icon to start editing.

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