Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus to come with 1.5 GHz processor

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus to come with 1.5 GHz processor


It was very disappointing when it was heard that the new Samsung Galaxy S III won't be launched at the MWC. The presently leading high end handsets that are breaking all records of the sales in the introduced markets, the Galaxy series phones, have even more in store for the fans all over the globe. And now it’s getting even more interesting with the manufacturers talking about the new Samsung- Galaxy S II Plus.

Remember "Galaxy S 2+", that showed up earlier online? Not much information was in store then yet but it has very clearly specified about the device having an OS version 2.3.4, and also with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The CPU is reportedly ticking at a considerably high speed rate of 1.5GHz.

Let’s check what we already have in here with the Samsung Galaxy S II. Everyone knows the Samsung fans at least, about the 1.2GHz dual-core processor in it which is pretty much advanced for a smart phone and it’s loved by all. The same goes to the leader in the race, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus too. It was reported to be seen in the bench mark results again that the Galaxy Nexus was upgraded with a 1.5GHz processor and not just that a brand new GPU too, and this was two days ago.

Now this seems much more like a coincidence that the new Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727, can be matched with its specifications like that of its 1.5GHz CPU, an improved Operating System, the Android Gingerbread and last but never the least a WVGA screen. Nothing has been revealed however on its size or how thin it’s going to be.

What now can be assumed or anticipated is that the said version might be an international version for the very same Skyrocket or should we call it the S II LTE? Option includes the title, which is again a Qualcomm-powered S II, but let’s not hides the truth that it’s majorly for the markets in the US or may be even South Korea. What if it’s someone trying to fool the guys by giving a wrong idea about the phone’s current status and thus misleading from the facts?

The bottom line however is the fact that the results on the new anticipated Galaxy SII comes only second to that when displayed for the heavily designed Galaxy Nexus. But let’s not forget though they are competing against each other they are Samsung products and from a similar assembly line.


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