Samsung Galaxy S3 to have Wireless Charging?

Posted By: Rahul

Samsung Galaxy S3 to have Wireless Charging?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone which is one of Samsung's flagship smartphones is expected to come with Wireless Charging feature.  It can charge itself wirelessly from a distance of 1-2 meters Thus Samsung has attempted to break into the high-end mobile phones league through it's Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Actually, Samsung will not be the first to use a Wirelessly charging smartphone. The first gadget with this technology was Palm Pre. There are rumors which say that Samsung has worked on improving this technology. But it is yet to be proved as the gadget is not officially released. There are also rumors which state that Samsung has patented this improved technology.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is reportedly going to come with a Wireless Charging station which enables it to be charged without using wires. This new enhancement is also going to add to the cost factor of the smartphone. Since the Galaxy S3 is a high-end smartphone, you can expect it to have a high price tag. The phone is rumored to have specifications such as Quad-Core processor, LTE Integration & even Ceramic Casing. There are also reports of the phone having a Super AMOLED display with 1080pixel resolution. The feature-rich nature is the only attractive point in the S3.

Just imagine the cost of the S3 with all  these high-end specifications plus the wireless charging station. Forget the Samsung Galaxy S3 being a budget friendly smartphone. You will probably have to buy components & accessories separately even if you consider buying the it. Better go in for other “high-end mobile phones

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