Samsung Galaxy S3, Next Gen Smartphone Unveiled

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Samsung Galaxy S3, Next Gen Smartphone Unveiled
Nowadays Samsung is so busy dominating the world market with its high end mobile phones. The Korean giant in mobile manufacturing could impress the world with its Samsung Galaxy S2 phones, which was really a threat to other respected brands all over the world.

With Galaxy S2 still having high demands in the market, the company plans to launch the next enhanced version of the device, which will be the third generation device in the Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device undoubtedly can be predicted to be a game changer in the market. The Galaxy S2 could acquire unbelievable sales of over 3 million devices within 55 days of its launch exceeding the sales records of the Samsung Galaxy S. With this history, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has nothing to fear about.

The word about the new launch was out very earlier when the President of Samsung's mobile communications divisions once told media that Samsung may launch its third version of the Galaxy S series very soon. He also said then that the new era of 4G has already begun, indicating the possibility of the new Samsung Galaxy tablets having a 4G support.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is sure to have features updated in it compared to its ancestor. The specification of the new mobile becomes predictable keeping this in mind. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a 4.5 inch super AMOLED touch screen according to the reviewers. The new mobile is expected to feature a 12 mega pixel camera with a very slim casing. The introduction of fresh technology can be observed in Galaxy S3. It includes a 4G capability assisted by the very popular Near Field Communication technology. The main highlight of the system still would be its Android version, which definitely will be an Ice cream sandwich.

Another rumor that would make one jump off his feet is the CPU configuration of the device. The CPU is speculated as a quad core with the ultimate and most refined technology of Nvidia & rsquo; s Kal-El mark.

The Galaxy lovers all over the world are desperately waiting for the new arrival. Samsung Galaxy S3 most probably will have its shipping to India just like Samsung Galaxy S2, but the very recent patent issues between Samsung and Apple is what worries the Galaxy fans in the country. Apple is trying hard to block the Samsung launches in US and Europe but Samsung is striving ahead with revised strategies. The new Samsung mobile hopefully will have its launch in India early next year.

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