Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition Not Coming To India Any Time Soon

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Google is slowly and gradually turning a lot like Apple. While on the other hand Tim Cook is making every effort to open up in public. At this year's edition to Google I/O 2013, the software giant announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition. It wasn't exactly Nexus 5 by all means still developer community lauded just because ---"its Google's take on Android. "

It was earlier said that Google would like to bring the Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition around the world. Now CNET UK is reporting that Google wants the special edition device to be limited to USA, at least for a time being. The Software giant has already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition will be made available to US residents on June 23 at $649 through Play Store. It is surprising on the part of Google to restrict sale of Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition device in other countries. Even at the announcement, the makers behind Google Glass didn't say a world in regards to the availability of the device other than USA.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition Not Coming To India Any Time Soon

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LG made Nexus 4 was the last big Nexus smartphone announced by Google. The next-version of Nexus 4 is still to be announced. Talks are going between LG and Google, to make the device official later this year. Nexus range from Google has been perceived as pure Android experience. Last week, LG India officially launched Nexus 4 in the Indian market. At Rs. 25,990, it is still a best buy considering Samsung's Galaxy S3 is being priced Rs. 4000 more than what LG is charging for Nexus 4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is doing quite well in the retail segment. In the span of a month-Galaxy S4 managed to sell around 10 million. But this is not what consumers wanted to see in the Nexus 5. Pure Android experience is one thing and a device bearing Nexus tag, is something different.

Google has already messed with Glass, an augmented reality based head mount display. The device has been made available to developers' residing in the US. Surprisingly, Google has no plans to expand the reach of Glass other than USA, at this point of time. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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