Samsung Galaxy S5 Is a Revved Up Galaxy S4: A Detailed Breakdown

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Samsung's Galaxy S4's popularity, among all the smartphones from the company since last year, might be finally passed on to its latest successor the Galaxy S5, which got launched recently at the International Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

Although the Galaxy S5 smartphone didn't meet the specs that it was rumored to come with, it still has a lot to offer. However, the design language of the device is pretty much identical to that of Galaxy S4. The company's latest flagship smartphone also retains the plastic back panel but this time around there is an added indentation pattern, giving the device a new accent in terms of design. Otherwise, the Galaxy S5 is pretty much similar to the S4 (at least in terms of design).

But leaving apart the design, other aspects like hardware and software has been improved in the Galaxy S5 with the inclusion of the latest multi-purpose fingerprint sensor at the front and a heart-rate sensor at the rear end.

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The screen has been bumped up to 5.1-inch but follows the same FHD Super AMOLED display panel which was used in the predecessor Galaxy S4, and features somewhat identical 432 ppi pixel density. The weight and thickness of the Galaxy S5 has increased a bit because of the size and the inclusion of a couple of new hardwares as well.

The Galaxy S4's most admired feature was the Air Gesture control and this time around it looks like the fingerprint sensor might be the most loved one. The sensor works for a number of features like security purpose, payments via PayPal, purchasing content with Samsung services and others. On the other hand, the heart-rate sensor at the back along with the company's S Health app might just emerge as an efficient tool for most athletes and health-conscious users.

In terms of UI, the latest Galaxy S5 comes with an updated version of the TouchWiz which includes a new notification bar with icons. While there are other improvements in the hardware as well.

Compared to the last year's Galaxy S4 flagship, the latest one comes with a upgraded quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor from Qualcomm clocked at 2.5GHz processor coupled with a 2GB RAM. Thus this makes the smartphone quite efficient for handling workload. While games can also find a way to run in this device with ease as it uses Adreno 330 GPU. Both the phones now run on the latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS.

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In terms of imaging, much have been added. There is now a massive 16MP camera which the company claims has the fastest Auto-focus mechanism. Thus shooting speeding objects shouldn't be a problem. There is a 2MP front-facing shooter as well. Altogether the imaging aspect in the phone has been tweaked pretty heavily.

You might as well want to take a look at the brand new features incorporated in the Galaxy S5 smartphone which, according to Samsung, is inspired by customer feedback. Moreover, these could be the features that could make it one of the best smartphones of this year.

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As said earlier, the Galaxy S5 comes with a massive 16MP rear camera with LED flash. One thing which might interest you is the camera's capability to shoot videos in both Full HD and 4K quality. Moreover, the camera is decent enough for taking images in low-light conditions as well. While the most impressive feature would be the fast auto-focus mechanism which lets the camera focus on the object in less than .3 seconds. Apart from that, there are the regular camera features with HDR mode also incorporated in the phone. Selective Focus is another addition in the camera, which gives you the option to blur the background, very much like the way a DSLR works.

Heart Rate Sensor

This is a new addition in the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. The Heart-Rate Sensor is definitely going to be the most loved feature among the sports aficionados or the health-conscious individuals. The feature is very simple to use. You just have to select the heart-rate monitor icon from within Samsung's newly-updated S Health 3.0 app and then place your index finger on the center of the flash module, just to the right of the flash. You'll have to keep the finger there for a while without talking and moving, while the device calculates your heartbeat and gives you the result sooner than you think.

Dust and Water Resistant

The device is IP67 certified which means that the Galaxy S5 is resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust, so that your phone will protected from any activity or situation. Moreover, since it comes with the fitness app, it is quite feasible to have a water resistant handset if not a water proof one. Moreover, it's a great aspect incorporated in the device which might be liked by most people who are into constant need of their handset while exercising or jogging, as it is also dust resistant.

Fingerprint Scanner

The newly added feature might sound normal, with some might even saying "Apple has already got it," or even, HTC has already got one of those features. But this one is completely different from those that are used by Apple and HTC. This one can register multiple fingerprints which in turn can work as an unlocking key to separate apps in the device. Moreover. The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the physical home bottom in the bottom bezel of the handset. Thus you will be able to do other stuffs like bill payments without having to type down the requirements and pother intimidating formalities and also purchasing the app from Samsung's store and others might be easer with this piece of latest hardware. The gesture demanded by the scanner is as simple as swiping down your finger tips across the home button.

Power Saving Mode

The most searched feature among the large screen smartphone users is a heavy battery back-up. The Galaxy S5 doesn't have a huge one but surely it has a great way to attract the consumers with an alternative way. When the battery reaches to the lowest charge, the phone will automatically cut down the drainage of the cell by stopping the other apps and only making other important features available in the device like the phone calls and SMSs. Called as the Ultra Power Saving Mode, this feature will change the screen to black and white and shut down all unnecessary features to dramatically minimize battery consumption. According to Samsung, it offers at least 12 hours of life to the handset.

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