Samsung Galaxy S5 Becomes First Smartphone To Support Fingerprint Recognition for Payments

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While we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to officially launch with a dedicated fingerprint scanner, we are yet to see some real-life demonstration related to the same. However, it seems like that wait is about to end.

According to a new report via MIT's Technology Review journal, the Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone to support the ability to use the Fingerprint Recognition feature for making PayPal payments.

What this means is that with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5, owners of the smartphone will be able to make massive use of the device's in-built fingerprint sensor to make payments from anywhere in the world, assisted on the sides via the fingerprint recognition feature.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Becomes First Smartphone To Support Fingerprint

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"If they visit a website or app that accepts PayPal using the device, they can authorize payments by swiping a finger across the phone's home button. And PayPal's own mobile app can be used to pay for goods in some physical stores in the U.S.," the report states.

The report also states that fingerprint payments are likely to be offered on many more smartphones in the near future. Moreover, the Galaxy S5's payments system "is the first commercial deployment of a new protocol developed by the FIDO Alliance, a group founded by tech companies to end our reliance on insecure passwords (see 'PayPal, Lenovo Launch Campaign to Kill the Password')."

The guys at MIT also states that fingerprint readers are expected to become commonplace on mobile devices over the next year or so. However, it still needs to be seen if the feature gets that pre-dominant when it lands for the Indian customers.

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