Samsung Galaxy S5: Bizarre Concept Shots of S4 Successor Surfaces Online

By: Anuj Bhatia

The year 2013 has been sizzled with the grand announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4. The South Korean giant, who has partially won the battle against Apple and HTC in the smartphone tally, might have started working on the next-generation Galaxy S device.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Bizarre Concept Shots of S4 Successor Surfaces

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has not arrived in the Indian market yet, but a designer named Suman Chatterjee has already crafted the flashy Galaxy S5 in the form of a concept. However, the concept device is rather plain and boring to eyes. As per images posted on concept-phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5, as a concept device is made from plastic. A rear camera given on the back is now on the left side.

Talking about the font panel, it resembles more to recently launched HTC One. The handset has an edge-to-edge display, and again reminds of some high end device, announced recently. The designer also conceived a cover made along with the Galaxy S5.

The special thing about the cover is that you can glare at the clock on the lockscreen. This is much about the concept. What is distracting is that Samsung still uses bendable plastic for its high-end range. Now many tech vendors handsomely adopt aluminum shells in their devices. For instance - Apple have been using aluminum body to make iPhone, since the beginning.

On the other hand, HTC has just started using metal styled body, and the recent proof is the gorgeous HTC One. Even Chinese firms have started to manufacture handsets in typical Apple fashion. Take a look at the upcoming device from Huawei. Dubbed as Huawei EDGE; the most insane handset known boasts of pure metal body, and even look more tempting than HTC One.

Before the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4, it was revealed that Samsung would never adopt aluminum design because it stops freedom. The South Korean giant uses cheap bendable plastic to manufacture its handsets. In general, bendable plastic type design allows users to replace back covers easily, and one can anytime replace fitted battery with better one.

The above mentioned Samsung Galaxy S5 conceived by Suman Chatterjee, is more of a gimmick. Well, this year, one would see many handsets coming with aluminum body. The world's second largest handset vendor- Nokia, is also planning to run away from making polycarbonate shells in favor of aluminum designs. The Nokia "Catwalk" could be the one that is set to debut this summer in the US. It is not known whether Samsung still has a soft corner for cheap plastic designs. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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