Samsung Galaxy S5 Has More Than it Meets the Eye: Top 5 Hidden Features Nobody Told You About

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Sure there are a number of smartphones manufacturers in the country who are coming up with a host of new handsets. But branding is such an integral part of the whole business that a number of smartphones from big names sell out quickly than others.

Keeping the fundamentals of branding in mind, while there are a host of handsets to choose from in recent times, a lot of love is still out there for the previously released Samsung Galaxy S5. The smartphone has become somewhat of a legend and already on the wishlist of a host of users.

Samsung Galaxy S5's Top 5 Hidden Features To Know

The S5 is easily a massively powerful device that's available for a price tag that's not too high for a device of that caliber. And that has made it one of the most popular Galaxy smartphones to date.

But while the S5 is such a grand device to consider, It does arrive with a host of features for you to take advantage of. And these features not only exist in plain sight, but a few of them are actually hidden inside.

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We spent a bit of time in the recent past with the Galaxy S5 review unit that we had with us. And while we checked out the device in its full glory, we also managed to find out a few features that could have easily missed our eyes.

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Hence if you already own a Galaxy S5, there's some good news for you in the form of features you never saw before. So here are the top 5 hidden features of the Galaxy S5.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features: Tilt Phone and Create a Playlist

You might have already come across a host of different features via the new Galaxy S5 that you just purchased. However, did you know that if you turn the Galaxy S5 horizontally, it will automatically offer you a certain smart playslist option? Well, the playlist will be based on the currently played song. Try it out once!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features: Private Mode

Sure Samsung may be offering a brand new fingerprint scanner with the S5, but a number of people we know avoided using the option after reports emerged that it's quite easy for hackers to compromise your details. Well, that's where the Private Mode comes in. You can enable the option via settings and this will allow you to keep all you private data from inquisitive eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features: Quick Connect

Remember when previously users were provided with the S-Beam feature on Samsung phones that offered a great way for sharing content with other Galaxy device owners? Well Quick Connect is a step ahead of it. You can get it by dragging down the notification bar and get the option under the Quick Settings icon.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features: Taking Calls And Still Staying in the App

You might have faced a number of times where you needed to take an important call, but feared that it would take you out of the app that you are running. Well, the S5 makes sure that's a thing of the past. Just opt for the Call Notification feature under the Settings -- Call option and enjoy uninterrupted app viewing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features: Toolbox

If you haven't checked out the Toolbox option on you new Galaxy S5, you can find it in the Settings menu. On activation, it will open up a slight window that will offer you a boatload of shotcuts. Take note that you can swap these shortcuts around as per your liking.

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