Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch on April 11 Could be Affected After Factory Fire in Korea

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The newest flagship offering from Samsung, dubbed Samsung Galaxy S5, might have already been announced at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) event with the company also revealing that the device will be ready for a global retailing starting April 11, but it seems like all those plans might come to a standstill after a recent mishap in Korea.

According to reports, a major fire broke out at a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing unit in Korea and this could easily result in delaying the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 worldwide that's set for March 11.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Delay on Cards After Factory Fire in Korea

Apparently, the factory that has suffered the fire damage belongs to one of many such dealers contracted by the Korean smartphone giant to manufacture PCBs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 handset, SamMobile reports.

Reported further, the fire initially started out 7:00 AM on Sunday, and although firefighters were on the scene immediately, it took them more than 6 hours to contain the fire.

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Countering the fire, a total of 287 firefighters and 80 vehicles were on scene to battle the flames. Also, it is estimated that over $1 billion in equipment and components have already been destroyed in the fire.

While expectations are high related to the final release of the Galaxy S5 on April 11, there's a widespread fear that the incident might hinder overall volume of the Galaxy S5. However, Samsung, in order to keep its users at bay, has announced that the company is also sourcing the PCBs from other locations as well.

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The company also says that the fire will not delay the production of the Galaxy S5 by a huge margin, although there still are chances that an overall delay might just happen.

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