Samsung Hints “The Next Galaxy” in a Teaser Video

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Samsung has released a teaser video just three days before its Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona, where the Galaxy S5 will be showcased for the first time. As expected, the teaser video officially confirms the arrival of Galaxy S5. Moreover, it also gives us a peek-a-boo at Galaxy S5's rumored features.

The trailer uses words like "together", "explorer", "curiosity", "dad", "peace", "wet", "free", "family", "party", "relax", "create", "surprise", "focus", "alive", "standout", "social", "moment", "brothers", "courage", "play" "hangout", "ride", "selfie", "dream" "speed", "fun" ,"life" -all with a little superscript number 5.

The 36-seconds teaser video doesn't really show the Galaxy S5, not even once. However, the video clip might actually give users a reason to fantasize the Galaxy S5's features, specifications and design.

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Samsung Hints “The Next Galaxy” in a Teaser Video

If we combine the teaser video with leaked specs of Galaxy S5, then it is understandable with a clear picture. The focus on the word "wet "and "outdoor", simply gives us a clue about Galaxy S5's rugged nature. Like the Galaxy S4 Active, the upcoming Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dustproof.

There's a specific focus on "selfie", "focus", "alive" and "moment" ,which hints at Galaxy S5's terrific camera. Further, the Galaxy S5 might come with an ability to capture Full HD videos in slow-motion.

The focus on the word "speed," is rather interesting. Samsung is expected to reveal its Exynos Infinity CPU chipset with 64-bit architecture. It simply means that the Galaxy S5 might feature a blazing fast CPU. Are you listening Apple?

We'll know more about the Samsung Galaxy S5 on February 24th at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Long rumored specs

5.25-inch display (2K resolution)

Exynos Infinity CPU (64-bit)

3GB of RAM

32GB of internal memory

16MP of rear-facing camera with an LED Flash

4K Video recording facility

Waterproof and dustproof

Large battery life

Android 4.4 Kitkat

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