New Samsung i8510 Camera Phone

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  The new Samsung i8510 promises to give competition to most of the compact digital cameras. With an eight-megapixel image sensor producing images of identical quality to most digital compact cameras, the new Samsung phone could be regarded as a milestone in camera phones.

The new phone is equipped with a flash, the i8510 can also detect when people in the picture are smiling. This sleek slider handset sports a 2.8" QVGA display capable of showing 16 million colours. The amount of RAM is 128 MB and there will be a dedicated 3D graphics accelerator. Music is not forgotten on this workhorse, with a built-in FM radio, 3D surround sound, and a standard 3.5mm audio port. Other features of the Samsung phone include built-in satellite navigation, eight gigabytes of storage space for music and high-speed wireless internet access.

Paul Nuttall, from What Digital Camera magazine, said the Korean firm's latest model and others in the same league could pave the way for many consumers to decide not to bother buying a compact.

"The gap has closed between compact digital cameras and camera phones in recent years, and I think the average consumer would struggle to see the difference between an 8 megapixel phone and dedicated camera image," The Scotsman quoted Nuttall, as saying.

He added: "The only issue is one of size. In a phone there just isn't room for a big zoom lens, and that is where traditional cameras do have an advantage."

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