Samsung Most Popular Brand In Emerging Markets Followed by Nokia, Apple

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Samsung's new smartphone Galaxy S4 has created tremors in the techworld, when it was announced. The new smartphone has solidified the new pattern, in the most desired mobile brands. The South-Korean company is easily the most preferred brand when it comes to smartphones in developing markets such as India, Brazil, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Most Popular Brand In Emerging Markets Followed by Nokia

Upstream carried out a survey across these countries, to find out which was the preferred brand. Samples collected out of 3,670 adults, reveled that 32 % of the users preferred Samsung over other brand, pushing the company into the top position. Nokia came in at second with 22 %, Apple with 21 % and BlackBerry at 10 %.

Finish handset maker Nokia has experienced a decline in sales in the western countries and yet was the most preferred brand in Nigeria.

Apple has however, exerted it's dominance in US and UK with 32 % lead over Samsung's 22 %.

The survey revels that 27% of the users ultimately give up on their favorite brands and opt for cheaper devices with similar functionality.

Marco Veremis, CEO, Upstream says, "The current App store model present in the West, which requires consumer credit or debit card details, is not one that can be easily transferred across into emerging markets. Thanks to the established billing relationship in place with consumers, the report identifies the huge opportunity for MNOs to build a more appropriate and effective model and deliver the data content and applications that consumer's desire.

In addition MNOs actually own the most pervasive marketing channel in those markets to drive adoption for apps, the mobile phone itself. In many of those markets people do not have access to other channels available in the west."

"We will see some unsuspecting winners in the open battle for emerging market consumers. Given the unique billing and marketing relationship mobile network operators have with consumers in emerging markets, they have the opportunity to be crowned Kings. Mobile operators not only have the power to create data plans that are suitable and affordable, but also to provide services which do not require credit/debit card services - something that large numbers of people in emerging markets have no access to." he added.

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