Samsung not updating Galaxy S and 7 inch Galaxy tablet with ICS

Posted By: Rahul

Samsung not updating Galaxy S and 7 inch Galaxy tablet with ICS

Samsung became pretty successful recently in the mobile handset and tablet market. The reason behind this is the awesome Galaxy series Tablet and handsets. Galaxy series mobile handsets and tablets are both stylish in looks, awesome in specifications and stunning in performance. Samsung owes it all to the Google Android Operating system powering their products, including the Galaxy tablet and handsets.

Samsung Galaxy handsets and tablet feature Android v2.3 or higher version Gingerbread and v3.2 Android Honeycomb versions Operating systems. With their looks and the performance from Android, Galaxy franchise became a big success. It is amidst all this success that Samsung decided to release an operating system update for their products. The update updates the current Android OS of a Samsung device to Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Operating System.

Disappointingly Samsung also made it clear that only a few of their products are listed and compatible with the update. And that list of Samsung devices which will have an ICS update doesn’t include Samsung Galaxy S and 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab.

This news would really disappoint owners of Samsung’s 2010 flagship Galaxy S mobile phone and Galaxy 7 inch Tab, which was the first Samsung tablet. Samsung was asked about the unavailability of ICS update for Galaxy S and Galaxy 7 inch tab, stating about the ICS update for Google Nexus S, which is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung replied that several factors in the 7 inch tab and Galaxy S such as TouchWiz skin, video conferencing software, additional widgets, carrier software etc, make it difficult for Samsung to come up with an update.

There have been a few of RAM and ROM memory issues in many Samsung devices, which is not a very big deal. Samsung plans to fix this with their Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apparently these issues are also there in the Samsung Galaxy S. But Samsung isn’t doing anything about it, giving more focus to the new age models of tablets and handsets. Apple iPhone 3GS, which was released a year before the release of Galaxy S, has been announced by Apple to be compatible with Apple’s new iOS update to iOS 5.

Galaxy S owners do have the alternative of developing an ICS ROM for their handset and tab, by seeking help from XDA Developers. But this doesn’t guarantee that your device will work fine after the update.

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