Samsung Planning to Launch Foldable Smartphones in 2015, Says Reports

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The concept of "bendable" or "foldable" devices have long been experimented by a host of smartphone manufacturers in the recent past. However, very few plans related to that have eventually materialized with the LG-made G Flex being one of them.

Nonetheless, Samsung is back in news once again with reports claiming that the South Korean tech giant is looking to release its own foldable flagship smartphones in 2015.

Samsung Planning to Launch Foldable Smartphones in 2015, Says Reports

Those of us who attended Samsung's press conference at the previous Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2013 will already know that the company took that opportunity to showcase some really exciting technology that involved foldable or rollable displays, alongside the so-called "bent" smartphones.

These bendable or foldable displays, as you may already know, basically featured three-sided displays, forming a major bulk of all the innovative devices that were presented last year by every manufacturer, let alone Samsung.

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And while those foldable products from the company offered a brief glimpse of the future that's surely upcoming, nobody was sure if or when Samsung would actually release those devices. However, with new reports pouring in now for the same, it seems like the wait for a Samsung-made foldable device could soon be over.

A report from Korea Herald, apart from revealing that such devices from Samsung are set to arrive next year, offers a brand new one-on-one with Seoul-based KDB Daewoo Securities analyst Song Jong-ho who says: "The bent smartphones will be rolled out as a Galaxy variant with a few million units at the end of this year, initially taking aim at the niche market."

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"The bent device is the first step toward testing the market and gauging how it would react to its foldable smartphones that are to be unveiled in the second half of next year," Song added, thus solidifying claims that the foldable phone would be the next Samsung flagship phone.

But if you think LG is the first company to offer a sort of bendable display with its LG G Flex offering, you will definitely be surprised to know that Samsung has already launched the world's first curved smartphone, dubbed the Galaxy Round much before LG did.

However, the company wasn't prepared (and unsure about) for a worldwide release of such a device fearing that the device would not gain much popularity, and that is why the handset is currently only available in a few countries.

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