Samsung planning to launch emotion sensing smartphone

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Samsung planning to launch emotion sensing smartphone

Tablets and smartphones are becoming more and more user friendly each year as they are integrated with super cool technologies. Consider Apple’s iPhone 4S, a smartphone featuring the smartest and most brilliant technology – Apple Siri, a voice recognition software. Siri is undergoing major modifications so as to make it do things that you can’t even imagine and all it requires is your voice command.

Just like the Siri, Samsung is reportedly working on a new technology which is completely different. Samsung’s planning to integrate this technology in its new smartphone and it’s not voice recognition. This is an emotion sensing technology which can adapts to your social networking style once it gets used to your behavior with the smartphone.

You can post status updates that express your emotions in social networking sites, be it joy, anger, fear, hatred, sadness etc. Samsung seems to be planning to make this easier with its new technology that will be featured in an updated version of Samsung Galaxy S2. Basically this technology analyses your current mental state, based on your behavior with the smartphone and then take necessary actions to block status updates and tweets.

If you are angry, then this technology will block status updates and tweets from your friends and followers appropriately. This would also let your friends know what your present emotional state is so that they can do something about it. The Emotion sensor technology from Samsung assesses your emotional state based on the way you handle your smartphone. If you use a lot of special symbols, and if there is a lot of backspace uses, if the phone shakes a lot when you are handling it, the technology observes them all to finally make a conclusion about which emotion you are currently in, like angry, tensed, sleepy, drunk etc.

Samsung claims that the technology can infer your emotions with about 67.5 percent accuracy and there are reports that Samsung’s Research and Development wing is still trying to make it more accurate.  Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook will be supporting this technology by adding a label in your profile, which represents your current emotion,  then it will be there for everyone to see and respond to it.

The software also takes measures to block context inappropriate status and tweets from your friends.  It takes some time for the technology to completely assess the owner’s behavioral pattern. It might not sound cool, but it can come in handy when you are seriously messed up.

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