Samsung Testing 5G Mobile Broadband with 1Gbps Speeds: Possible by 2020?

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As if, 4G was not working out for them, the South Korean mobile phone giant Samsung is said to have found ways and means to build a mobile technology for 5G (Fifth Generation) networks.Reportedly, Samsung also claims that this new technology could offer "ubiquitous" access to ultra high-speed networks which would operate at 100 times current speeds and offering regular gigabit access. The 5G networks also means Gbps (gigabit per second), which means that one can download 3D movies in a second.

Reports also suggested that Samsung company has come up with the way to transmit large volumes of data using a much higher frequency band than conventional ones which are already in use, This may eventually allow users to send massive data files at a much faster speeds through their mobile devices.

Samsung Testing 5G Mobile Broadband with 1Gbps Speeds: Possible by 202

The fact about the major countries like The UK, China and other countries have yet to complete their 4G mobile phone network roll-out, While current 4G networks in the UK use bands as low as 800MHz, Samsung's new research has concentrated at much higher frequencies and the company claims it has worked over distances up to 2km. Where as many countries still use use 3G.

Reportedly, Samsung may have plans to commercialize 5G technology by 2020, matching a recently set target by the European Union. Samsung has successfully tested its 5G platform pulling down data at 1Gbps in recent tests. The company apparently needed 64 antenna elements to make it happen. The EU also announced earlier this year their plan to invest 50 million euros in research to deliver 5G mobile technology by 2020.

Reports also stated about Samsung's plans to accelerate the research and development of 5G mobile communications technologies, including adaptive array transceiver at the millimeter-wave bands, to commercialize those technologies by 2020.

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