Samsung's Trademark Filing Reveal S MUSICIAN and More

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Samsung has been attacked for infiltrating Galaxy S4 performance. To make a good impression on both critics and consumers, the news of few trademarks filed by Sammy has been surfaced on the web. First spotted by Phandroid, it is reported that Samsung has filed up to 7 trademarks with the US patent office (USPTO).

These seven names: Mobile Samsung 5G, Samsung Fit, Samsung Micro, Samsung Expo, Samsung Go, Samsung Pro and the S MUSICIAN, could be a part of regular processor initiated by the tech vendor. Out of seven, Mobile Samsung 5G is easier to be understood. According to a report, Samsung spent $ 10.6 billion for its Research and Development in 2012. It's not surprising to see, if the Galaxy Note 2 maker, filed trademarks considering Samsung holds 102,995 patents globally.

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Samsung's Trademark Filing Reveal S MUSICIAN and More

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As part of regular activity, Samsung has filed for above mentioned trademarks. Mobile Samsung 5G could be smartphone compatible with 5G technology. Even though 5G won't be commercial available in the next 5 years, still Samsung is aiming to the front runner promoting 5G technology. Now a day's 4G LTE-A, is the latest wireless data technology adopted by tech vendors in South Korea. Samsung has already launched Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE-A built in, while Apple and LG are also planning to introduce their respective handsets using same wireless technology.

The S MUSICIAN could be a name of music editing app, to be featured in high-end Samsung Galaxy S devices. At IFA Berlin, there is a possibility to see Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets official, and one might see S MUSICIAN featured in the upcoming device.

Moreover, the other trademarks such as Samsung Fit, Samsung Go, and Samsung Micro, hint at health-related apps. The street is abuzz with rumors surrounding Samsung Gear, a smart watch to be unveiled in September at IFA Berlin. It is not confirmed, but trademark filed in the name of Samsung Fit, Go could and Micro could be related to accessories especially made for Samsung Gear. Nothing can be said about Samsung Expo. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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