Samsung to Scrap its Fitness with Gear App; Will Integrate Data Into S Health

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Samsung, similar to Apple, had understood the promise in the mobile health business a long time back. Hence we see a number of apps and features that are related to Health in new age Samsung smartphones. However, it seems like one of those services is set for a pre-mature stop from the company.

Samsung's S Health app, if you know correctly, was introduced with the Galaxy S4 first to track a user's health and fitness related data. However, neither did the service clicked well nor was it managed properly internally. Now, it's being scrapped forever.

Samsung to Scrap its Fitness with Gear App

The company has retired its Fitness with Gear app and has already updated the S Health for devices like the Galaxy S4. As of now, the updated S Health is of v3.5.1 and offers a similar interface you're sure to find on newer devices, with also the Comfort Level now identified as Thermo-hygrometer.

"The app now syncs with Gear and other compatible devices has even included Sleep tracking but left out heart rate measurement and stress levels," writes Sammyhub. Moreover, while Samsung says that heart rate measurement is missing only for users in Angola, the heart rate option is not available for India as well.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Comfort Level has now been displayed with Thermo-hygrometer, although the heart-rate measurement and the Stress Levels have been left out.

Moreover, an automated update for the S Health app arrive on your device soon, but you can also upgrade it manually. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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