Samsung SDI Unveils Curved Battery for Wearables

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After the curved display, the talking point for curved or probably flexible battery has arrived. Samsung SDI today introduced to the world, its latest curved battery that is made for wearable devices, which is somewhat like its very own Gear Fit device.

Samsung SDI Unveils Curved Battery for Wearables

The capacity of the battery is very less with just 210mAh but surely this is quite enough to power wearable devices like Gear Fit or even smartwatch. At its current size, the battery would allow the Gear Fit to outlast the competition in time between charges. Thus it is possible that the next connected wearable device from the company might be powered by the latest flexible battery.

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In terms of competition, Samsung is not the only one working for the curved battery. The company's very own native rival LG has also been working on the curved battery for a very long time now. However, the difference is that the LG is working with the curved battery for the smartphone, while the latest Samsung battery can only power wearable devices.

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Moreover, if the problems about the new curved battery from Samsung are to be discussed, packing enough power to run a device like the Gear Fit in a cell as small as the device's size is a challenge. At the same time battery has to be a flexible one. Thus the company is reportedly said to be using the tech titan's V bending technology in the production of this particular battery. Also the new lamination technology is also employed in the new cell.

Samsung's Lee Kyung-sang reportedly said, "As the global market for smartbands is anticipated to expand sharply in the near future, Samsung SDI will continue to make efforts to become the No. 1 player in the smartband batteries market."


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