Samsung SM-G9098: Premium Phone With Clamshell Design Gets Certified in China

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Not many smartphone manufacturer would dare to enter a particular market segment that is known to have a limited audience.

However, Samsung has shown its interest for producing high-end clamshell form factor phones, a small segment compared to money spinning full touch devices.

After the debut of its Galaxy Golden last year, Samsung is all set to bring yet another clam shell phone in the market.
In fact, the flip phone carrying a model no SM-G9098, is said to hit the Chinese market, followed by other potential markets.

Apparently, the Samsung SM-G9098 has received all the necessary clearances from China's TENNA. This means that we might able to see the device as early as possible.

Also, it is widely assumed that the forthcoming flip phone might hit retail shelves as a possible successor to the original Samsung Galaxy Golden, which went on sale in October last year.

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Samsung SM-G9098: Premium Phone With Clamshell Design Gets Certified

Samsung SM-G9098 isn't a stellar clam shell phone but it will be an Android powered handset with a faux leather rear back. Under the hood, the phone will sport a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It might be safe to say that the quad-core processor will be supplied by Qualcomm.

Like the original Galaxy Golden, it comes with 3.67-inch dual sided displays (800 x 480), 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear-facing camera with a single LED Flash, and of course a front-sided shooter.

The SM-G9098 is headed to China Mobile network, and might cost you a bomb when gets announced in China. So far, no word on whether the device will be made available outside of China.

Is the time for clamshell phones gone? Not really, though, the market for such phone is largely limited to a particular population. It's not that the market for clamshell phones is totally dead. You can still find flip phones being made available in Japan, China and South Korea.

There consumers are fond of flip phones but the same cannot be said about Indians. Samsung launched its high-end Galaxy Golden in India last year.

We tried to check out Samsung's online store to see whether the device is still available or not. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy Golden, which got launched in October last year, it's shown as being "out of stock". Priced at Rs. 51,000, the device wasn't expected to sell in large number, and with its successor planned to be launched in few weeks from now, it remains to be seen whether Indian consumers will be able to have their hands more advance version of Galaxy Golden.

Source- GSMInsider

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