Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With 3 Sided Display Next Year

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Apart from the the UHD display featuring smartphone that Samsung has promised to launch in 2015 and the phone with 560ppi display in 2014, the South Korean giant is one more time rumored to come with another wraparound or curved display phone next year.

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Samsung To Launch A Smartphone With 3 Sided Display Next Year

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According to the Bloomberg report, Samsung has plans to release a smartphone with wraparound display next year. The new screen tech will allow users to look up messages or stocks from an angle.

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In other words the display will be wrapped around the side edges to meet the back panel thus allowing the users to see the portion of the screen from the side as well. The 3 sided panel will let the users to read messages while looking from an angle.

Youm an updated version of proprietary Samsung technology is said to be used in the device. Moreover, to recall, the technology was first showcased during the CES this year. The same technology is also implemented on the first ever curved handset from the company called Galaxy Round.

Adding more to the rumors, Samsung's premium display technology is also speculated to be incorporated in ether the Galaxy S, or the Galaxy Note device. Moreover, there could a complete new device as well.

Similarly, Apple is also rumored to come with the same kind of device as well. Thus the competition between the two aces would be cut throat in the curved display technology soon.


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