Samsung to replace its BADA platform to Linux based Tizen

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Samsung to replace its BADA platform to Linux based Tizen

This could be a good news for those who have owned one of those low end touch screen phones of Samsung and hope to have this kind of resemblance in the high end models as well.

Samsung is very soon to have a replacement in its very old BADA platform with the Linux based Tizen designed in cooperation with Intel. When the name Intel is in the page, it’s definitely going to be a new leaf in the history. Intel has been in the business for quite a long year now and they know what’s best for what and they do things at its best.

Tizen- Linux based, Intel collaborated

It was in 2010, the BADA OS was developed so as to give the handset new looks and features similar to Smartphone. It offered smart phone kind of service in properties like multitasking and third party installation made possible through the application stores embedded in the Samsung mobiles.

However with the Samsung working on with Tizen, it obviously won’t exist with both the BADA and Tizen operating systems. So starting from this year the device will have their replacements for the BADA OS with its new updated and more improved OS, the Linux based Tizen.

Now another question that would pop up would be the compatibility of the new OS with the BADA supported applications and other utilities. It is expected to support many new applications and features, making the older one real old and obsolete.

However the BADA supported other brands will have their current policy unaffected and BADA will exist in parallel, but it would just be one major void in their business to lose one of the global behemoths in handset manufacturing.

The good news is definitely the new Samsung handsets that would come out with the new upgraded Tizen and it can be believed to give the low end handsets of Samsung a new attitude. The new readily indicates to the fact that the new so called Low end handsets will be no longer low end with the new OS.

Will it affect in their price would be something to look forward to. In due time, the application and other software the new OS would support, will be listed in the official sites. And any hopes of the currently out handsets from Samsung to get its BADA replaced can’t be supported for it doesn’t seem to be among the company’s interests.

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