Samsung Working On Android Alternative OS

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Samsung Working On Android Alternative OS
Has Samsung lost its trust in Android Operating System?? Is Samsung seriously planning to work on next version of Bada mobile phone operating system???

You can never predict on the strategies of Samsung.....

Yes!!! Samsung is planning on reworking on the Bada operating system which has already done some rocking contribution for the company as well as for mobile phone users. According to the head of Samsung mobile solutions center, Lee Ho Soo, the company is planning to roll out more handset build on the Bada platform. The Bada operating system based handsets has widely been accepted by across the globe previously. One of the best examples is the Samsung Wave, which is still in demand even though Samsung has introduced lots of android os based handsets later.

As if now there is no information on when Samsung will be releasing the latest version of Bada OS but expectations are high. Moreover it is obvious that in today's market where smartphones on android platforms are flooded, the Bada operating system must be hitting with enough specifications and features to compete with Android OS.

Now, there is no clear cut idea on why Samsung is on such strategic initiatives, but there are rumors that Samsung might have become little bit concern about Google aiming on buying Motorola.

As far as Bada operating system as an operating system is concern, it is one among the best for smartphones. The earlier version of Bada operating system came with some fixed widgets and also ensured good editing in home screen. It also host most of the applications which android OS comes along with and has the option to download applications at ease. Bada is also well equipped to deliver all sorts of multitasking necessities for the users. Features such as Notification bar, title bar and even Momentum Scrolling is something which is ensured by the operating system. If you talk about the disadvantages of the present version of Bada OS, then it might be only the processing power of the OS to switch from one application to another, that you might point out. Processing power is always required when you go for multi tasking.

Lee Ho Soo also stated that the company has not yet decided on what an all added benefits and specifications must the newer version will come up with. As if now the mobile payment and voice recognition features are conformed to be added. Even though official conformations on the addition of latest technologies and features are not available, expectations are high. After all, it is a home product from Samsung, surprises are obvious.

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