Samsung’s Android OS Galaxy s3 more specifications are out

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Samsung’s Android OS Galaxy s3 more specifications are out

Tech bloggers are the main people who bring about the news of the latest gadgets to the public. Many bloggers have dedicated their time and work for this sole purpose. Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin has quite a reputation and is rumoured to have a lot of inside sources.

But he is somewhat notorious too for his hit or miss record and for the authenticity of the news that he publishes. The same blogger has very recently created a big stir in the tech world when he wrote in his blog that Samsung Galaxy SIII will hit the shelves by April.

According to the blogger this cutting edge mobile will be introduced during the Mobile world congress which is going to be held next month in Barcelona. After the official unveiling the phones would be shipped to various parts of the stores and will be made available within two more months from date of announcing.

The blogger also hints that he has had hands on experience with the new Galaxy S III. He has tweeted about the specs of his new phone but has not revealed its name. The context of his earlier posts are centred on Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 900. So we can assume that he might be talking about the new Samsung device.

The specs of the device according to the blogger are that, the phone will feature a high definition display. The device will run on Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich version and will have a 12 mega pixel main camera. If we consider the schedule of the launch of Samsung galaxy S II the previous year all this pieces fall into place. Samsung Galaxy S II was announced during the mobile world congress of 2011 and was introduced in Europe in late April. All the tweeted specs of the device seem logical.

Since most of the device coming in 2012 is having Android 4.0 version the presence of a HD screen in this device is completely acceptable. Many manufactures have announced 12 mega pixels cameras that is integrated into their respective mobile phones and that may be why this handset has such a high resolution camera. The only thing that sticks out as a sore thumb is the claim that the phone will feature a quad core processor having a clock speed of about 1.5 GHz to 1.6 GHz.

The price tag and more information about Galaxy S III can be expected during the coming weeks.

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