Sapphire Glass Could Soon Replace Corning Gorilla Glass: What Is Different?

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One of main issues with smartphones is the durability of the screen. While there is still no completely indestructible material that can be used on smartphones to prevent the shattering or damage of screen, Corning Gorilla Glass has been used on the handsets to offer some extent of protection.

Several handset manufacturers including market dominators Apple and Samsung use the Gorilla Glass on the display of their smartphones and other devices to ensure that their offerings are scratch resistant and robust. Obviously, the Gorilla Glass had occupied the smartphone market to a great extent.

But, it seems like the dominance is under threat as a report suggests that a rival technology might muscle in on the smartphone market and offer greater protection for the forthcoming devices.

Sapphire Glass Could Soon Replace Corning Gorilla Glass

Sapphire is the hardest natural substance after diamond and it might soon be used to make smartphone displays. Sheets of sapphire glass are already used for military purposes to create transparent armor, but if a bunch of sapphire-synthesizing startups have their way, sapphire glass will soon be cheap enough for use in a wide range of consumer products including smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Difference between Gorilla Glass and Sapphire Glass

Currently, a Gorilla Glass display will cost $3 (approx. Rs 163) per device approximately, while the sapphire glass equivalent of it will cost $30 (approx. Rs 1,630) or more, thereby pulling back the manufacturers. This would eventually increase the cost of the products.

This condition is all set to change as come sapphire glass manufacturers are predicting that the technology will soon come down to competitive value. One of them, GT Technologies claims that the sapphire glass tech will cost three to four times a Gorilla Glass display, which is around $9 (approx. Rs 490) to $12 (approx. Rs 650) per unit, which is further subjected to decrease.

At the same time, sapphire glass has three times the strength and scratch resistance of Corning Gorilla Glass and can make the perfect smartphone screen.

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