Smartphone Consumer Survey: A Glance at Mobile Lives of Daily Users

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Smartphone Consumer Survey: A Glance at Mobile Lives of Daily Users
It will come as no surprise to many that smartphones are now a fundamental part of our everyday lives. But did you know that some 39% of smartphone users admitted in a survey that their smartphone had been used during a visit to the bathroom! That's right, the bathroom has been the location of choice for many to Google around with their smartphones. There are other very interesting findings that came out of the survey that Google initiated with market research firm Ipsos OTX. Read on to discover more about how we use our smartphones day to day.

Key Findings

Many of the key findings from "The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users" survey were not surprising such as that some 93% of smartphone users used their phones whilst at home. What exactly did users do on their phones? Well 81% spent time browsing the Internet and as many as 77% used their smartphones to search. An impressive 72% of users used their smartphones at the same time as watching tv, reading the newspaper or absorbing other types of media.

Managing Life

Interestingly, smartphones are proving handy to assist in managing the day to day actives of life, with 45% of users making arrangements for things such as dinner dates, booking hotels or other travel related activities and even managing their money. In fact, smartphones are becoming so heavily relied upon day to day, that users are prepared to give up other things in their life to enable them to keep using their smartphones. Foregoing things such as new shoes, chocolate and even Cable TV is what some will do to have a smartphone in their life.

Search Dominates

The research revealed that of all the websites visited by smartphone users, search was among the highest at 77%. News accounted for 57% of the search queries, with dining at 51% and 49% of users searching in the entertainment category. Good news for businesses is that 47% of smartphone users searched for shopping related information. Travel search sat at 31%, finance at 26% and automotive trailing at 17%.

Mobile search offers more great news for businesses given that nine out of every ten smartphone searchers have gone on to take some sort of action as a consequence of their search activity. Significantly, 53% made a purchase subsequent to their search, while 24% made a product or brand recommendation to people in their network. And the influence of mobile search doesn't stop at the mobile interface either, with 53% later using their computers to do further investigation online.

Local Matters

Businesses need to sit up and take note that 95% of smartphone users searched for local information with 61% making a call to a business. In terms of mobile local search resulting in foot traffic to a business, 59% actually visited a business and 44% went on to purchase goods and services. Those smartphone users who search for local information are like gold to businesses given that a whopping 88% of them are reported to take action in as little as a day of their search.  

Mobile Commerce

There is no question that smartphones have grown into a powerful tool for consumers to make purchases. 79% of smartphone users in the survey made use of their phones for shopping related activities, with an impressive 74% of those converting to paying customers. Mobile shopping activity carries weight right through to purchases being made within brick and mortar stores, online and directly from phones: in-store purchases lead the way at 76%, online at 59% and a respectable 35% via phones. Mobile websites accounted for 27% of smartphone purchases and 22% via apps. 

Mobile Ads Work

The survey has revealed that 71% of respondents used their smartphones to search for things they'd seen in ads across a variety of media including both old and new. 82% reported they'd noticed mobile ads with a hefty 42% clicking through. Some 27% made contact with the advertised business and 35% visited the company website. A heartening 49% continued on to make a purchase. Consumers are even using their phones whilst in store and conduct price comparisons and even check if a store is holding stock - all from their smartphones. 

It's as clear as day that smart consumers are using their smartphones to find what they want at the price they want it, and they'll aim to find it locally when they want it too! If you're a business owner then your business should be online and have a mobile optimised website to ensure your customers enjoy their experience when visiting via their smartphones. Using mobile ads makes perfect sense too, but only if users can quickly and easily see how to contact you at your website, browse and of course make a mobile purchase. It's time to catch up if you haven't already and make the most of the massive smartphone movement.    

Although you might have thought smartphones were everywhere and that everyones' heads always seemed to be buried in one, now there are the findings to prove it. Smartphones have literally changed the way we connect to one another, connect to business and keep ourselves entertained - oh and let's not forget how they've changed what we do whilst going to the bathroom too! 


Smartphone Consumer Survey: A Glance at Mobile Lives of Daily Users
Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Bathrooms and AQVA. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u

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