Smartphone-Countering Clothing Line Launched in Japan: Will Block Radio Waves

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Imagine a kind of clothing gear that will block any kind of calls, texts or anything for that matter coming into your smartphone. It now seems like that day has already arrived with a Japan-based designer recently launching the first ever smartphone-countering Clothing Line.

According to reports, a Japanese designer named Kunihiko Morinaga has launched a new line of clothes called Focus: Life Gear by Trident. Apparently, the line up blocks radio waves from reaching your smartphone.

Smartphone-Countering Clothing Line Launched in Japan

The new clothing range blocking radio waves includes dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets and trousers made out of a certain material that will block radio signals from your phone.

So that means if you keep your smartphone in the pockets, it will remain as good as off. The signals will keep bouncing off the clothes making the smartphone useless.

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Fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga stated, "Often [our phones] distract us from the things we really want to focus on like pursuing our goals, enjoying a moment with friends, appreciating the world around us."

That's the idea behind FOCUS a line of men's and woman's fashion designed by Morinanga that protects users from "the storm of information."

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The fashion line was formed in collaboration between Morinaga, PARTY, AID-DCC and Trident. It debuted during Toronto Fashion Week.

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