Smartphone Kill Switch Coming to Samsung, Nokia, Apple Handsets Soon

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Mobile phone theft cases, in recent times, have been as evident as you waking up each day and getting ready for office. But what's the best way of tackling that? is it by downloading multiple apps that will "help detect" your phone when lost? Well, it seems like we have a much better option heading our way.

According to reports, starting July 2015, manufacturers will begin making sure that owners will not be helpless in case their handsets are stolen as all of the smartphones will start coming with an anti-theft tool so that the data doesn't fall in wrong hands.

Smartphone Kill Switch Coming to Samsung, Nokia, Apple Handsets Soon

A smartphone kill switch, as you may have already guessed and as described by CTIA's Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment, is basically "a baseline anti-theft tool."

And now, with all the plans set to fight mobile thefyt, the new feature will come at no additional cost to the customer and will be pre-installed or downloadable, on the first phones produced after July 2015, by the manufacturers keeping true to the document.

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There are a number of options which the new kill switch for smartphones will feature. "Remote wipe the authorized user's data (i.e., erase personal info that is added after purchase such as contacts, photos, emails, etc.) that is on the smartphone in the event it is lost or stolen," states the official page, talking about one of the numerous options at hand.

As of now, the full list of adopters already include all the heavyweights in the business such as Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, Huawei, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and more.

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Also, while the new proposition has been made only for the US-based handsets at the moment, it's needed to be seen if the feature is later globalized and reaches India at some point of time in the future.

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